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After the Storm - Wild Ponies

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Wild Ponies of the Outer Banks

Prints from a Series of Paintings by M. Theresa Brown

Here is the story that about the start of these paintings.

Our kayaks slipped quietly through the marsh grass and grazed the oyster beds in the shallow shoals behind the Island. Our destination was the small herd of horses in the distance, remnants of earlier generations of shipwrecked ponies.

From our low viewpoint the hot summer sun created a mirage which gave the animals the effect of floating on water. As we approached, a trio of ponies continued to graze unconcernedly upon the marsh grass, their lips
brushing the salt water. A bay, a dun and a chestnut. One was a young stallion who lifted his head as I clicked my camera, then returned to his task of foraging.

I watched with fascination. Surrounded by a dozen white ibises who worked alongside the animals, these ponies stood fetlock deep in salt water oyster beds and plucked at the marsh grass for hours.

The breeze rippled their manes and tails and gave some relief to the heat. But there was no fresh water here. How long could they graze? Step by step they moved over the beds, diligently eating the reedy grasses that poked just a few inches above the water. A few solitary ponies grazed in the distance and a larger herd beyond them.

And then, by some unseen signal or instinct, the distance herd and this small band began to migrate across the inlet towards the firm shore of the island. They walked knee deep through the water, the soft bottom sucking at their hoofs

The tide was beginning to come in and underwater channels brought the ponies up to their bellies at several points. Calmly, slowly, head to tail they steadily progressed. And once upon land, they massed again, an occasional
stallion or mare calling to a companion.

We had also tried to walk and pull our kayaks in the very shallow area, but found the going too hard and welcomed the deeper water. I paused as we pulled away from the island and took a long drink from my water bottle. And I waited to see if the ponies walked on to fresh water but they stood quietly in the breeze.

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after the storm
After the Storm

Heading Home Turn of the tide
Heading Home, Turn of the Tide

Wild Ponies Grazing
Curious Youngster

wild ponies grazying
Grazing Ponies and Ibis

Stallion dispute
Stallion Dispute