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M. Theresa Brown

Portraits! What a great way to make a living! What other job exists where you can gently mix creativity, emotion, color and hard work and pour it all into a comfortable living?  Or take the same ingredients, shake them up a bit and pour them into an experience?  What other job affords such a diverse array of experiences in the form of people, places,  movement, sounds and above all, a visual cornucopia of treasures?

Sure, awards and recognition are pretty exciting at first, but after awhile, well, it's the clients who matter most!   Maybe you've seen my artwork in “Veranda”, “Carolina Country” or “Our State?”  Or maybe you've seen my illustrations in Breakthrough Publications, McGraw Hill or Houghton-Mifflin publications?  I have over a thousand portraits displayed in homes and businesses around the globe. Now that's exciting!  It is hard to put a price on the gratification and  emotional value of portraits and artwork that delight my clients!

My university art experience did not exactly match my artistic hopes. The reality of the education was actually a disappointment. But what I did discover was that life experiences strengthen the artistic mind and open the doors to the colors and dynamics all around us! I like to think that pieces of an artist's life experiences lodge somewhere on shelves in the mind just waiting to be pulled out and dusted off when the visual need arises!  And so when I create a painting for a client, a little piece of me goes onto the canvas. 
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Stephen Filarsky

The tall guy with the easel, that's Steve!  He has a great following among his collectors for his plein air oils. His unique red canvas backgrounds enhance his landscape techniques and delight his collectors! His style is his own and people love to watch him at his easel on location where the viewer can pause and see his surroundings through Steve's eyes.
His artistic talent was recognized early in his Philadelphia schools yet his journey eventually led him away from a degree at Penn State in architecture and into the art arena he loved most. He studied under some of Philadelphia's finest, learning the art of hand applied gold leaf gilding and sign crafting before taking his skills and moving south to North Carolina. All the while he kept his sketchbooks and portfolios filled with paintings, sketches, watercolors and vignettes of what he saw and felt around him.
He opened a sign business with a friend in Wake Forest, NC and from there branched out on his own as he expanded his gold leaf gilding and restoration work up and down the East Coast. Bachelor Steve met single mom artist, M Theresa Brown, through friends at an art event in Raleigh and with their eventual marriage, he became part of a lively family of four children and 3 dogs!  Together they combined their diverse talents and styles into a thriving art business and have enjoyed living the life of an artist in all the creativity, collaborations, compromises, versatility and artistic freedoms that come along with such a unique lifestyle. The two built their large art studio next to their home after dismantling an old 1910 house. In their country setting, they built a woodworking shop, added pastures for the horses, created lush wild rose gardens, herb gardens and water features. The family hiked, kayaked and explored remote areas of the state. As the children grew, more rescue dogs and cats came into the home  until now, with all four children grown and engaged in their own art careers, Steve and Theresa count the two ponies, 5 dogs and the pygmy goat as family members! 
Steve's style has evolved from years of color applications, creative designs and his notebooks of sketches. His signature style is his unique, painterly touch combined with the rich, jewel like colors of oil paints.  He provides the same touch with his beautiful translucent watercolors and his clients love their portraits in that medium!  Steve brings his skills to his art and painting workshops and stays busy traveling to the shows meeting his friends and collectors!


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