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Your Horse Portrait

You and your horse! One of our Specialties!
What  makes the relationship between you and your horse unforgettable?  Is it the present memories? Or memories from the past? Are you a participant yourself or did you simply enjoy watching your children participate?Pastel Horse Portrait Off to college

We feel many elements must be present to create that special portrait!  
 For some,Pastel Portrait Painting Horse Lynn Palm the horse years are fleeting. We see the young riders grow up and head off to college or a career. Even as they move into their futures, they will always view these years as the most exciting and fulfilling of their lives! For others, the horse years never stop and continue into a rewarding career or lifelong hobby. Others come back to the world of horses after an absence.
But no matter which direction you take, horses will have made you the person you are today!
Wherever the future takes you, there will always be that memory of a special horse!  Maybe it was a great day, that incredible ride, that miracle foal, the joy and happiness on a child's face, a fun filled pony day or that quiet ride through the woods and fields. As the years pass, those memories become more and more important to you! You want to not only SEE the detail of the moment but you want to FEEL it! 

Theresa and Lynn Palm with Portrait of Lynn and her Horse

How to get one!

It's easy! Need us to take the photos?
We travel all over the United States to meet our clients! We usually meet at a pre-determined location and take the reference photographs for the portrait. For most portraits, a stable, barn or horse show work great! You can see the photos right after we take them and we can determine size, medium and pose right there!
Have your own photos? You can bring them to us or mail or email them and let us help you select the best look for your portrait!  We work together to create that special look. You can opt to have just your horse, you and your horse or a series of special moments brought together in a collage!
To set aside a day for us to meet and photograph you and your horse, or to simply chat about your portrait and get further details, give us a call today and let's get started!

Horse Pastel Portrait Girl Horse and Mom

Theresa and her Horses

I confess that I am down to 2 little ponies. They are joined by the 4 Pygmy goats, the 5 dogs and the old cat. Some of the animals are purebred, some are rescued. All demand our attention but in return apparently think we are quite wonderful by

following our every movement and showering us with affection!
But if we go back a few years, you'll discover that I grew up with my mother's Connemara ponies, 4-H, Pony Club and the Old Chatham Hunt in NY. I thrived in bareback gallops with friends down abandoned railroad trestles and enjoyed the 5 mile Saturday hacks to Pony Club. I experienced the schooling and discipline required for a Pony Club B certification but also enjoyed bareback dips with the horses in the cold New England creeks.Horse Pastel Painting Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show
I call the hard work intertwined with fun and competition "the total horse experience!" There was the inevitable stall cleaning,  the spring mending of fences after the snow plows had damaged them, galloping through the snow with a long line attached to a western saddle while pulling a tobaggon of kids,  the training of young foals, the euphoria of winning my classes with a green horse we had raised and trained, the crunch of the snow as I walked to the barn at night. I accepted breaking the ice on the pond and getting back on after a fall (with my Arabian-things lived in the ground on a regular basis!).   Yes, there are some crazy things we all did on horseback that my mother did not know about but, hey, I'm still here to talk about it! I learned all about the breeding and foaling of the mares, the weanings, and I can still see the steam rising from the backs of the horses on a cold fall day while participating in the Hunts.
Horse and Girl Oil Painting S FilarskyLater, I loved the unrelenting speed and endurance of my college Thoroughbred.  I loved the timelessness of driving my teams of Belgians,watching my children head out for a day of riding, camping with Quarter horses in the NC mountains, and learning more about the worlds of gaited horses and performance reining horses.
But it isn't just memories that I have of my "total horse experience!"  Now I spend much of my time re-visiting these memories and feelings through my clients. It's great! I know their excitement, their sorrows, their joys! In creating their portraits, I am one with their feelings and in tune to those moments that they want to remember the most! Hey, life is good!

 Click on the images to view them larger.)

In order to speed up loading time, we have split our Horse Portrait Gallery in 2 sections. The page you are reading now, with our introduction will have recent portraits, while the rest of our Equine Portraits will be on separate page: 

The Horse Portrait Gallery

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Here are some recently completed Horse Portraits. Please visit our Horse Portrait Gallery to view more.
Oil Painting Portrait of Girl and Four Horses

32 x 48 Oil Portrait

Lauren and her Connemaras  Theresa worked from a number of photographs to create this painting.
Pastel portait of horse

16 x 20 Pastel Portrait

Oil Portrait Horse Girl

19 x 26 Pastel Portrait

Pony, Weillington Horse Show, Sophia Pastel Portrait

18 x 24 Pastel Portrait

"What a surprise! It's wonderful!"
Saddlebred Horse Portrait oil on canvas 20 x 24 by M. Theresa Brown

24 x 20 Oil Portrait

Eventing Horse Trials, North American young rider, oil painting

20x 24 Oil Portrait

Pastel Portrait women and horse

16 x 20 Pastel Portrait

"Retiring Dave"
"We love it. It's just what we wanted" 
Pastel Portrait of Woman and Horse

19 x 26 Pastel Portrait

It is here and it is absolutely the most beautiful portrait!  Thank you so MUCH!
pencil portrait girl and horse

Cameo Pencil Portrait


Pastel Portrait Horse Charlotte and JR

16 x 20 Pastel Portrait

Charlotte and JR
Raleigh, NC

You captured so completely the sweetness of his face and his wise old eyes.  You also captured perfectly the face of a little girl who thought he was just about the best friend anyone could have in life.  Thank you for doing such a beautiful job.  I will treasure it always.

Kitty Yarbrough

equine portrait Tulip

18 x 24 Pastel Portrait

Charlotte, NC

24 x 30 Pastel Portrait

A beautiful summer's day in Blowing Rock. Katie and her ponies Sammy and Sassy.

16 x 20 Pastel Portrait

Emily and her pony Outrageous

Horse Portrait Gallery

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