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"Thank you for  our  painting. I still can't beleive how good Some Kind of Wonderful (our deceased mare ),
and Johnny Be Good (the sold horse) turned our when all you had a was a  photo. and of course i am amazed at how well you captureed my beloved Jack Midget who was  murdered two years ago. It looks so like her that if I look too long I feel the tears starting again!  I can't wait to get it framed and hung."

Pastel Portrait of 5 Horses and 2 Dogs

Grandma's portrait is on the wall, and it is beautiful!  I like everything about it, and so does everyone who has seen it so far.  Thank you for doing such a wonderful job in capturing her face and, from what I have been told, her personality, in this pastel---I shall treasure it.  I appreciate, also, your repairing the damage suffered in the framing process and for meeting me half-way with the portrait when you were done.
Chris as well as Andy came from the Art Shop to hang it Thursday---Chris is so tall he doesn't need a ladder.  As soon as it was in place over my living room mantle, the entire room was transformed.  And that is a good thing.  I keep going in there just to look at it.

 She was stunned and started crying a happy cry...she loved it and said she couldn't believe how much it looked likeher..  So it was perfect. Thank you so much :-). Hope your Christmas was merry and that you have a great new year!
Hugs, DottiPastel Portrait

Pastel portraitI just wanted to share with you how excited we are about the portrait of Lily When I showed it to my family they loved it. My grandmother thought it was for her. My mother had tears in her eyes and my father wanted to hang it in his workshop.  I wanted this portrait for a gift to my husband ( really me) so he could hang it in the house where I wanted. He insists hanging in his office where everyone can see! Needless to say he loves it! Thank you for a treasure that has touched the hearts of my family!  I have coffee to send to you! You should receive it in a couple of weeks. The mail runs slow here in Costa Rica. Thanks you again.

Jennifer Bayliss

Pastel Portrait of Sisters

For years I have dreamed of having a portrait done of my children and like many of us I “never got around to it”. When Theresa brown became a resident artist at The Cotton Company and I got a chance to not only view a good variety of her work but also talk to her about how she works and the whole process, I realized I had finally found the right person to do this portrait.

I gave the portrait of our two daughters as a surprise birthday present to my husband and he and I are both so happy with the results. When the girls go off to college this portrait which has captured not only their likeness, but also their spirit, will be a reminder of so many happy memories!

Thank you Theresa!

 Elizabeth Johnson
Wake Forest, NC

Pastel Family Portrait“Theresa took several family photos supplied by me and turned it into a single masterpiece!  I then surprised my family with the portrait for Christmas.  It has become a cherished artwork in our home and hangs over our fireplace in our den!” 
B. Bishop
PonteVedra Beach, FL

We love the portrait of our daughter Claire that was masterfully painted by Theresa Brown. Theresa was extremely easy to work with and very attentive to our visions of a portrait that captured the true essence of our sweet daughter. Theresa communicated with us during the process and finished the portrait in a timely matter. We would recommend Theresa to anyone who is interested in a quality portrait. We will cherish this piece for many years to come.”

Jay & Michele Dreher

"This is just wonderful! And such a memory of those years that Pete has been my buddy!"

"I LOVE this portrait! It is SO Link!"
-L Hammerschmidt

"The portrait of Sam and Ernie is AWESOME!  I absolutely love it.  It arrived yesterday, and it was put in the front hall immediately.  I had 7 people for dinner last night, and everyone adored it.  Thank you, so much.  It is one of the best things I ever thought to do."

"Did your husband tell you that I cried when I saw this? I am SO pleased!"-L. Holland

pencil portrait baby and muleUpon receiving her pencil portrait (see cameos) of her husband, son and their favorite mule she left this message on our machine, "Hi Theresa, I just received my pencil portrait. It is BEAUTIFUL! It is SO much more brilliant and vibrant in person that it ever was over the email. I am So excited and so happy that we did this and I just wanted to call and say Thank You" - Debbie Bost, Mt. Pleasant, NC

Pet Portrait dog boykin spaniel blowing rock horse show

I just saw your painting and started to cry.  You have captured her friendly and mischevious spirit exactly.  Thank you, thank you, thank you--this will take place of pride in our home.

Susan Powers, Blowing Rock NC

"Dear  Theresa,

People who ride or work with horses can always remember that special horse that stood apart from the rest.  It is often due to exceptional talent or confirmation or maybe outstanding bloodlines.  Our special horse didn't have any of those characteristics.  He was a 24 year old quarter horse with nothing special about his confirmation or his talent. What made him stand apart was his gentle nature and his willingness to do his best and  take care of his rider.  Charlotte and I have struggled since his death in October.  We miss our friend.  You can not imagine my surprise when I opened this beautiful portrait on Christmas morning.  You captured so completely the sweetness of his face and his wise old eyes.  You also captured perfectly the face of a little girl who thought he was just about the best friend anyone could have in life.  Thank you for doing such a beautiful job.  I will treasure it always."

Kitty Yarbrough, Raleigh NC

Click to View Larger"Your painting of Greg and my boys brought me to tears. My husband said I couldn't have given him anything better."  Nancy McDougal, Raleigh, NC

"Everytime we walk by our portraits we know we have captured a moment in time. It's amazing and comforting. My children are away infrequently, but that will change and so will they. These portraits never will. They are ours forever and so is that moment in time. Thank you for capturing it for us." 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Stancil

"I wanted to let you know that the picture you did of my horse, "Chant", & me together is gorgeous. I just got it back from the framer yesterday. I received it on Wed, Nov 9th. Unfortunately, the very next day Chant colicked really bad & I had to put him down. [she is a vet ] That was the hardest thing I have ever done. I will miss him, but I have this wonderful portrait on my wall of our last horse show. I have nothing but good memories of our 23 years together. Thank you for everything."
Kim Ipock, Kinston, NC

Click to View Larger"We (my mother, husband, and I) love your pastel. We have received many compliments on it and my mother and I are so glad we commissioned you. We are truly pleased with your work. Thank you!"

I was very blessed and feel honored to have received one of your pencil sketches as a Christmas gift this morning. As you know Webster, our Great Dane Hound mix dog, had to be put to sleep 2 weeks ago. He was one of our family members for 10 wonderful years. Having to say good bye to him has been a time of real sadness and especially tough during the holiday season. Webster was one of those pets that stole every square inch of my heart and was a soul mate.
You did a fabulous job of capturing his true character, spirit, and the unconditional love he shared effortlessly. When I opened it I cried tears of happiness.......... it was so comforting to see his face portrayed in the soft and gentle manor your sketching captures.
I understand you were under a real time crunch when my husband talked with you about this job. I am VERY appreciative for the dedication to your work and the effort you went to so I could open Webster's sketch Christmas morning.
I can not thank you enough and words can not adequately articulate what a special gift this is to me. The sketch of Webster will have a very special spot
in our home. Thanks you SO MUCH!!

Sincerely- Alice Brunk

Click to View Larger"Theresa created a portrait of Nicole from some older photographs I had. When I saw it for the first time -- There was my little girl. I just cried." - Christine Spencer, Kittrell NC

Click to View Larger"WOW!!! I am amazed!! (Do i reallly look that good?) I really love it. You did a fanstastic job!!!!! THANKS!!!!"
 Dr.Melina Youngs, Cape Coral FL

"It is absolutely gorgeuous. I am fascinated by the way you captured her eyes." - Susan McManus, Richmond, NC

Click to View Larger"We are thrilled to have this portrait of our new family... You did a wonderful job with the faces as well as color and mood of the piece. We had a good time through the whole experience. Thanks!" - D. Cronheim, Raleigh, NC

"I thank you so much for the beautiful portrait of Kenan!!! I gave it to my friend Allison last night and she burst out crying when she saw it--exactly the reaction i was hoping for!!  It was perfect timing too because we lost her one year ago on halloween so it was a nice remembrance...." - Shanna Fullmer, Kitty Hawk, NC

Click to View Larger"What an enchanting and timeless treasure you created for us, two very proud parents!" - Ruth Zuckerman, Sarasota, FL

Click to View Larger"We are so pleased with our portrait of Ali! You were able to capture her likeness and personality. This is how we want to remember her!" - Peggy Jones, Cary, NC

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